Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Dieser Trailer zu „Zombie Fight Club“ verspricht „Fight Club“ mit Zombies. So doof das auch klingen mag, so sehr mag ich eigentlich genau das, was ich im Trailer sehe. Auf der Website zum Film gibt es jetzt nicht besonders viele Informationen, aber man kann ihn da vorbestellen, um ihn dann pünktlich zum Release am 2. Februar zu erhalten. Also Freunde, Gehirn aus und Action an!

In a corner of the city, in a building riddled with crime… there is an outbreak of zombies. When one young woman (Jessica C, Double Trouble) witnesses her boyfriend falling victim to the zombie horde, she must team up with a police officer (Andy On, The Viral Factor, Special ID, Cold War) in order to stay alive and escape the building. But the once warm-hearted chemistry teacher, Wu Ming, is now the zombie leader following the chaos, which has transformed him into a cruel, vicious and formidable opponent.
Ratcheting up the terror, an evil organization has begun pitting humans against zombies in a malicious killing game. The good side of humanity has seemingly all but vanished and a world of uncertainty awaits…

Zombie Fight Club Official Scream Factory Trailer (2016) Zombie Horror Movie