Now the return of the Vikings is finally fixed, at the 30. November starts the second half of the 4. Squadron „Vikings“ in America on a new time slot. In our latitudes, fans have for the time being probably wait a bit, a start date on Amazon Prime is not fixed yet known.

at the 30. November 2016 so the story goes by Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and his sons with ten episodes continue. New episodes are now always Wednesdays broadcast, instead of the previous Thursdays. The last episode of the popular Viking series ended, Ragnar that returns to its home after a long absence Kattegat, to make a king room for his sons: It's time for a new Viking ruler. Ragnar's four sons with Aslaug are now grown up and will occupy a large part of the plot. But Björn not fall by the wayside – him a great future was the seer predicted, which must be fulfilled yet. So there seems to be an open secret, that we will soon have to pass by Ragnar us. After four seasons of compassion and Mitfieberns his days will soon be counted, and the series will lose Travis Fimmel a great leading man. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of other characters like Lagertha, Björn and Floki, who has been with us from the start and we (hopefully) leave not so fast.