Up Helly Aa“ is a legendary Viking festival and next to the Shetland Folk Festival the annual highlight of traditional customs in the Shetland Islands. always on the last Tuesday in January, a whole day is long the dressing, Fire spectacle, dedicated drinking and partying.

After months of preparation, a grand looking Viking longship is recreated. This is determined from the outset to, the day of „Up Helly Aa“ to be sacrificed following a large reared torchlight procession with atmospheric Schlachtgesang flames. Once it darkens, the lampposts Lerwicks be switched off. After a signal rocket above the town hall lights, the torches are lit. In a slow, from the Music the „Lerwick Brass Band“ and the „Lerwick Pipe Band“ under painted half-hour Prozessionsmarsch the longship with it enthroned Jarl is drawn from a thousand Vikings starring his retinue its destination counter.

The prototype of the Wikingschiffanzündens is the fact, that Viking chiefs were cremated after her death with her longboat, The so-called „Nordic funeral“. The Guizer Jarl performer must naturally climb out at this stoppage, before the flames up beat and by all present the same old song „The Norseman’s Home“ is sung. After the cremation is completed, to disperse the crowds, and into the inns and partly specially set „Dancehalls“, of which aufhaben that day many to eight o'clock in the morning. The nearly thousand „Festive Vikings“ be in 40 shared about 25-member groups, accruing quasi rotation in the banquet halls, contribute to there possible spassige or wild skits or dancing. Central shape throughout the day is the Guizer Jarl – deserved to organize the festival Shetlanders in the role of Viking chief. Together with a 60 Man strong core Entourage, the Jarl Squad, he conducts the Parade and everything related to the bonfire. All around for a day, almost all public life paralyzed on islands. The ensuing Wednesday was officially made a precaution to a non-working holiday.


(via Bored Panda)