On the most famous staircase in Philadelphia, the legendary „Rocky Stairs“ before „Museum of Art“, are three friends joined calculated on Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone. For many Philadelphia visitors, it's a highlight even as film legend Rocky Balboa run up the stairs and stretch up their arms in the air like the boxer portrayed by Sylvester Stallone. The thought three friends and experienced top of the „Rocky Stairs“ a great surprise, because they ran calculated into Stallone!

Peter Rowe has climbed with two school friends at the weekend the stairs, as Balboa training area in the first „Rocky“ worldwide notoriety gained. At the top, they suddenly encountered the performer, which had been impressed by them, how quickly the three high-mate sprinted up the stairs and then another Selfie was shot with Stallone. The 68-year-old bored currently in Philadelphia, to the strip „Creed“ to turn, a kind of "“Rocky“-Continuation, in which fellow actor Michael B. Jordan grandson of former opponents of Balboa, Apollo Creed.

Touristen treffen Stallone während sie "Rocky" play in Philadelphia
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