Stan Against Evil - TRAILER

The absolutely great series „Ash vs. Evil Dead“ already gets competition from a demon-hunting Sheriff! at the 2. November starts on the US channel IFC series „Stan Against Evil“, in which John C. McGinley (known as Dr. Cox from „Scrubs“) takes on the role of an aged sheriff, who was dismissed due to an incident. However, when he finds, that his beloved over all small town of pretty much 172 Demons haunted, he takes the fight to unsolicited. But he is not alone. Along with other officials, he makes it his mission, preserving each resident of the city from certain death. After the pilot episode the interested audience can expect seven more episodes, which 1. Season will round. And I'll say again, the whole thing looks really very to „Ash vs. Evil Dead“ from. Even the signature at the end looks after and everything before it somehow. Also, the main character acts like Ash, only with even less driving. But you know what? That's really all not that bad, sees it but all still very, very nice and funny from. Because we Knowledge but all: Learning from Ash means learning to win. Also IFC is optimistic, that is already working on replenishment. So the stage for Stan and his glorious War against pure evil.