Ouija: Origin of Evil - Poster

Blum House to invites Halloween again to a, to pick up the dusty Ouija board out of the cellar and make contact with the afterlife. But be careful! You never Knowledge, who or what answers the questions. The protagonists „Ouija: Origin of Evil“ would guarantee left their hands off, if they had known, which would not cause their actions for consequences. Origin of evil may be a second part of the remainder, acts within its range, however, as a standalone work. From debut, who had some plug criticism two years ago, wanted to distance themselves as much as possible. Even actress Olivia Cooke brought her disinterest in a direct successor to the Expression. Whether with Mike Flanagan (Oculus) the man and director was found, everything depends? On the big screen we see the beginning of all evil from the 20. October. Located is the action in Los Angeles from 1965. In the film, have a Boy Mother and her two daughters enjoy it, people to scare yourself with a Ouija board. They lead by the nose, because unseen let the two girls during séances wiggle tables or incurred terrible noise. The Haunting ends, seems obsessed as the youngest daughter of cruel powers. Faced with their worst fears begins a nightmare, which it can command only stop, if they make it, the forces, they have called, return again. But evil stops for nothing…

Ouija: Origin of Evil - In Theaters October 21 (TV Spot 2) (hd)