Kuratas: Japanese martial-Mech is on Amazon for sale

on Amazon Japan There is a four-meter high Ruff „Kuratas“ for sale. for nearly 120 Millionen Yen (the equivalent of almost 900’000 Euro) can the end 2012 presented at the Wonder Festival in Tokyo Mech be purchased. And that's a bargain, but the shipping costs are likely to be considerable.

the 3,8 Meters high and 4,5 Ton Robot, which is driven by a diesel engine, is the dream of many anime fans and video player. Mech fans with big purse should strike quickly, currently a copy of the four-legged Ruff is only available on wheels. Manufacturer Suidobashi Heavy Industry offers on its website while a configuration assistant to, which allows to adjust the color and armament Mechs, However, this applies only as expressions of interest. Pre-order the planned and contract manufacturing Kurata's not can. This it is the base model without arms and forearms, which must be purchased separately. This, among other things, a bottle thrower or two BB Gatling guns can be mounted, the 6000 can fire plastic bullets per minute, the latter extension end customer probably is not available readily. In addition, buyers need to lend a hand, some components have to be assembled after delivery itself. Kurata was created in collaboration between the Japanese artist Kogoro Kurata and the robot specialists Wataru Yoshizaki. The Mech can be as man known by a man from anime movies or video games or remote control via smartphone.