Killer Ink: Your first tattoo you'll never forget - Poster

As the body art goes this film under the skin. The two directorial newcomers Devon Downs and Kenny Gage cast our style of hostel in torture thriller „Killer Ink“, in the original English „Parlor“, in the dark world of a very special Tattoo-„artist“. In an exciting horror-Trip Travel Friends to Vilnius, To celebrate there and to drink. At a party, they meet Tätowiererin Uta, the raves of her boss, that the friends stop by in his salon. of the, what awaits them Gloomy, guessed it at this time nothing. Because of Anarchy Parlor is a very special club, and the „Artist“ there is very dark practices by, that have been passed down from generation to generation. What it could potentially arise? the German home theater starting at 4. August, we can do this yourself out. Included are the Finnish tattoo model Sara Fabel, Claire Garvey and Jordan James Smith.