yeah! Burn, Baby, Burn! The son of Malcolm McLaren (Manager der Sex Pistols) and Viviane Westwood wants burn his Punk Collection! Joseph Corré, his name, will bring this collection to protest against the sale of the punks in November Burn. This is not just a few plates and empty beer bottles, but finished totaling 5 million pounds.

Happy 40th Birthday Punk! Malcolm McLaren's son wants to burn his Punk Collection

Corré it comes to the sack, that the British company has made Punk for consensus and even the Policy adorns this. He wants against „Birthday of Punk“ protest, for the occasion of the 40 anniversary of the first Sex Pistols Single „Anarchy in the U.K.“ Festivities are planned in UK, supported by both the State and companies.

the ceremonial Burning is a protest at the way punk’s legacy has been co-opted by the mainstream. The incineration will take place in Camden, London, on 26 November, to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the Sex Pistols single Anarchy in the UK.
The focus of Corré’s protest is Punk London, an event that claims to celebrate the history of punk, yet according to Corré has been backed by the Queen, as well as Boris Johnson, mayor of London and the Heritage Lottery Fund. According to Joe Corre’s publicists, Buckingham Palace is in close contact with Vivienne Westwod’s office regarding royal support for Punk London. Buckingham Palace had not confirmed that the Queen was supporting Punk London at the time of going to press.

Because of Punk now some of his children has eaten, would the action can also loosely held a few years earlier. On the other hand, it is a well-chosen time - for what Punk believed in „No Future“-Movement back then it, at all 40 to be years older? Who needs to go, a little tears now, maybe found in „Huge Archive of rare Punk Vinyl up for Auction“ consolation…
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