As „The doctors“ Farin Urlaub rocked along with his colleagues Bela B. and Rodrigo González last time in the summer 2013 a Swiss stage. During recent months, the guitarist care, Singer, Songwriter, Audience tamer and globetrotter but again intensely to be a side project Farin Urlaub Racing Team. The result was his fourth solo album, which in the name „Fascination Space“ listening and the current Tour „There is no risk to the public“, Farin which, together with his team at Racing 20. May in the sold-out Zürcher complex 457 led. The band offered with more than 2 1/2 Hours a with 31 (!) Songs bulging Show, which was able to inspire the audience to the last rows.

Farin Urlaub Racing Team on Tour

Singer Farin Urlaub should actually each as the frontman of the fun-punk rock pop band „The doctors“ be known. Doctors are cool, were always cool and will probably remain cool even in old age. Because doctors embody uncompromising pleasure principle: Unconditionally do, was man tun will! Earlier, it was a central decision: Either you stand in the camp of humorless, proletarian, dull, simple, Altbier and straight Toten Hosen or just with the humorous, twisted, complex, playful and fun physicians. Exactly the attributes, which have been mentioned for the doctors, applicable also for Farin and since making the doctors increasingly rare, , Jan Ulrich Max Vetter - so the real name of Oberblondi – increasingly common in society of Farin Urlaub Racing Team, short WADE, encountered. Since 2008 is launched as a pure concert band, currently eleven musicians involved comprehensive Combo also to the actual album recordings of solo outings Farina. The current tour to the number 1 album „Fascination Space“ led the Racing Team now including in the Switzerland.

Farin Urlaub Racing Team on Tour

No pre-strip, no banter, it's time for rock'n'roll! A black curtain blocking the view to the stage, against 20:15 Clock was heard then how the guitar was plugged in and a minute later began the Concert. With a bang the black curtain fell down and stood behind Farin already and put right with a Firecracker song from his latest album „Fascination Space“ the. The Zurich audience was from the beginning very text safe and brought the hall unfortunately only temporarily properly cook. Compared to the, what one was normally accustomed to Farin Urlaub or doctors concerts / is, was it a rather quieter concerts, what was clearly the audience, that was mixed amazing. Much young people could be seen, so that one might have thought, that the concert goes like Schmitz cat, but somehow the Ritalin seems to have left its effect – but this fits the Tour Title „There is no risk to the public“, since it may quiet times go down to earth. Prevails at a Doctors concert rather clownish anarchy, can be the appearance of the complex WADE 457 very well described with the image of a big band orchestra full of dynamite: A punchy brass Riege on the left, great background singers on the right and in the center of Farin Urlaub including Amazons court, consisting of guitarist Nesrin „Nessie“ Sirinoglu, Bassist and drummer Cindia Kruger Rachel Rep.

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Farin Urlaub Racing Team - Porcelain - live 20. More 2015 - Complex 457 Zürich Schweiz

The blond giant, his female Racing team as well as the male brass supplied all together a first-class concert from. The far beyond 30 Years experience on stage you could see the now 51 year protagonists finally to: Just over 2 1/2 Hours of play are with Music and public dialogues completely planned, even the witty sayings or spontaneous answers to audience reactions are secure and are steeled by decades of practice. It is the interplay of twinkling absurdity and everyday stories, by Farin Urlaub draws the audience in his spell. From all four albums songs were played that night and the set list is here and there dotted with B-sides of his singles. Considering, play that other bands with more albums much shorter, then one can only salute before Mr holidays. Here, the fan gets something for its money. And not just because of the length of the show, but also because of the atmosphere and Farina Gags, Sayings and Alber estates. Most of the evening was at those moments, where Farin the hits of the first two solo albums „Finally Holidays“ and „At the end of the sun“ rummaged out. Text Sure, the audience of the sold-out hall gave even with the hits „Happy“, „OK“ and „Porcelain“ over the senseless pursuit More, but where is the happiness usually right in front of your nose. „You surely noticed, that I'm older. This advice comes to life coaching I just have to get rid of“, said the mid-fifties,.

Farin Urlaub Racing Team on Tour

The 11-member Racing Team rocked, rolled, purred and thundered, while Farin Urlaub made the, what he does second-best: Play guitar and sing. The public owes it to this sold-out concert in which it sings almost word for word, and so Farin Urlaub elicits not just once a big grin of satisfaction. As usual, there was no special show, The biggest show performances were probably longer wind solos and yet was plenty of rock music, Joy, Anger, Heartbreak, Offered suggestions for beautification of city centers and previously underestimated quasi physical laws. WADE replied the audience that night several times in ecstasy. The Farin Urlaub Racing Team rocked the complex, even if have the somewhat slower songs in the current album in terms of euphoria still catching up, rose sentiment expected to more strongly on, if the wind use and ska rhythms or fast guitar riffs were unpacked. Then there was barely a hold in the front part of the hall.

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Farin Urlaub Racing Team - Abschiedslied - ten 2 - live 20. More 2015 - Complex 457 Zürich Schweiz

After more than two hours, the audience was made, Farin also. Thus, he said goodbye – not with Abschiedslied, he had already played – by calling to mind „ten“ played. Who knows Farin Urlaub, weiss, what that meant for the weary viewers: Again power until absolute exhaustion. Farin knows because no mercy. He counted to ten, Then he wanted to see us jump. And we jumped. Sovereign completed the Berlin along with his racing team of Rocks after two addition blocks of three songs at the concert, which caused sweaty body for each lot. The fans in the complex was an entertaining, commanded crunchy rock concert with plenty of interaction and good humor on all sides. But not only the main actor the Punkattitüden seem conditioned gradually to wane by the increasingly Age. The audience has become tamer. A Concert, the determined will all remain in very good memory. The band was in high spirits, the classic rock instrumentation with the ladies – Nessie, Rachel and Cindia – in the best of hands and the men „Winds“ care for the ska-component. A sweaty show, the – believe it or not – comprised thirty songs and had a little time to wind down. Just outside the door of the parked tour bus, brought the band subsequently to Saarbruecken. I myself was happy during the ride home to a comfortable Night in their own bed. So standing around at a concert, The throttle and enjoy the music, after a day work and with work for the day ahead in view, be exhausting at my age… ;)


  1. What the world needs now
  2. Happy
  3. Today dance
  4. Class
  5. At the beach
  6. Heart? Lost
  7. Porcelain
  8. Moment
  9. 1000 Years bad sex
  10. 3000
  11. iDisco
  12. Blurred
  13. Summer
  14. The pretty okaye Popsong
  15. Newton was right
  16. The saddest
  17. Never
  18. OK
  19. Always there
  20. Dynamite
  21. The Corpse
  22. ten
  23. All the same
  24. The level
  25. Nevertheless
  26. Yet:

  27. Submerged
  28. No Fear
  29. Cards
  30. Yet 2:

  31. where is the problem?
  32. Abschiedslied
  33. Zehn²
There is no risk to the public - Farin Urlaub Racing Team on Tour
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