malicious gossip, that so many format of CBS's brain-dead, but none was hitherto also so. The change now Robert and Michelle King, the creators of „The Good Wife“. The 13-part series called „Braindead“ (not to be confused with the almost eponymous classic by Peter Jackson) is in the summer 2016 Premiere. The new series is about a young woman, their first job in Washington, D.C. accepts and learns there are two things. 1. The government no longer exists. 2. An alien race has come down to earth and has the brains of many congressmen and their staff eaten.

The Kings to: „We wanted to make a series, a mixture of the genre-Pulp and Policy is. It seemed to us, that the best way to address the news today, is not the direct route, but to make it as the beginning of a horror movie.“ In her work as executive producer and show runner for the now seventh season of legal drama „The Good Wife“ itself should not affect the.

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