„Prometheus“, the prequel to „Alien: Covenant“ also came with an R rating in the cinemas and flooded 400 Millions of dollars into the coffers. Therefore, Ridley Scott was allowed to run riot even at its new plant: „The film will be as realistic as humanly possible, since Ridley Scott wants exactly“, said Neil Corbould, Specialist for special effects, against IGN. „He attaches great importance to the shock factor, why we focus heavily on. What I have seen so far from the film, was great! He will end up the same effect as the original. At that time everyone was shocked. It was a genuine horror film and ‚Alien: Covenant‘ travels the same rail“, so Corbould. The same week also revealed, that never before so much fake blood used was in an alien movie like this. Fans therefore must prepare themselves for some, when the Sci / Fi-horror starts in a few months and comes with some splatter scenes. I am already pretty hot on the film and find the CGI aliens also always still very horny.,,