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Over the years was dravens Tales from the Crypt Culture Blog, Music Blog, Shock Blog, Techblog, Horrorblog, Funblog, a blog about network Finds, via Internet Oddities, Trash Blog, Art Blog, Heater, Zeitgeist-Blog, called scrap blog and piñata Blog. What everything is something – and not. The focus of the blog is contemporary art, in the broadest sense of the word. A cool weblog mix of art, Horror, Network Culture and Entertainment, seasoned with a good pinch of punk and heavy metal!

A decade Entertainment the dark side

Hard to believe, in the summer of 2017 wurde Dravens Tales from the Crypt 10 Years old. In this decade, we have accompanied the ups and downs of the modern Internet. In the past, as a hobby, now it is an essential part of our lives. DravensTales financed for several years about my own private reserves and this will unfortunately running low. We can not and will dravens Tales finance not tens of banners or paid products, nor compromise and certainly not classify us in the mainstream. We would like to continue to operate DravensTales for many years in the usual style, and wish to content, that are not really mainstream capable and held in subcultures.

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In the past, users and friends are approached us and have confirmed, that they would be willing willingly, to support DravensTales. Using Steady we would like to try, to open up a new revenue model and to secure the future of the tomb.

You decide, if you want to contribute something, that we can expand our services further. It is your decision, whether you want to pay anything once, or regularly. I would be glad, if you would support something the tomb. Because we still have a lot ahead of the next decade.

What we have with the Fanta Tilli Arden ago

We are open, the money demand of DravensTales is limited not to top. The funds go definitely not in our private health insurance, but are in web server, soft- and hardware, Web / database programming, Troubleshooting, Editing, Graphics, invested media work and training.

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