For more than 20 Years the hero in the saddest hours and the ancestors of the gothic scene are back. Uber 40 Years did it take until the first Cure-Concert in Basel and the wait was worth it. “The Cure” live are not just a concert, “The Cure” live are an event and the British led by singer Robert Smith spoiled the audience with 27 Songs DarkWave on indie rock and pop. The sound of “The Cure” was and still is a definition for you and the band was at their concert in Basel's St. Jakobshalle really all, were the musicians but nearly three hours on stage, to leave home to the fans completely happy again. Can be so beautiful sad!

The Cure 2016 in Basel: A concert with goosebumps

at 19 AM was admission to the St. Jakobshalle in Basel and my enthusiasm is at this location always enormous back, because she was sonically far just never really worth mentioning and I do not really like generally large arenas. I just like it prefer something more intimate and especially the listening experience is very important to me. It was also Zig-thousand music fans on Friday night clear, the St. Jakobshalle will be rebuilt, as they must take a detour for the Cure concert, past barricades and wooden crates. Inside they expect although new toilets, but the hall itself still strongly reminiscent of that decade, in which most of the first time with “The Cure” came into contact. However, at 19.30 AM was the opening act “The Twilight Sad” rang out on the stage and the first notes.


The opening act went well with “The Cure”, the singer of “The Twilight Sad” from Glasgow looked not only like Ian Curtis of Joy Division, but also moved so. A sympathetic band, has been pleased, as they themselves said, that so many people were so get there early. They gave a very soulful concert, sprayed something melancholy in the hall. Nevertheless, some concertgoers seemed not quite so enthusiastic, many still remained at a short distance from the stage and the audience in general was very quiet. musical, are sound and vocally “The Twilight Sad” Top. The first song “Reflection of the Television” comes live fantastic. I had never heard of the four Glaswegians something, yet they have been 2006 published four albums and six EPs. This Scottish dialect like it eh very good and the guys played all seven songs and could musically with soulful Music and good, convince dark sound.

Setlist “The Twilight Sad”:

  1. Reflection of the Television
  2. Last January
  3. I Could Give You All That You Don’t Want
  4. Seven Years of Letters
  5. It Never Was the Same
  6. There’s a Girl in the Corner
  7. And She Would Darken the Memory

The Cure 2016 in Basel: A concert with goosebumps

at 20:15 Pm it was finally over. The five musicians of “The Cure” took the stage, Robert Smith worked as expected was a little intimidated and simply let loose without his fans in the hall to look great. The lines from the first song of the night, “Open”, you could sign smooth, if one were to focus only on the acoustic. Unfortunately, you immediately notice the louder indeed, but this unfortunately also more modest sound on. Fortunately, you could hear the individual instruments well, but the sound is saturated, a phenomenon, I experience again and again. At the expense of the purity of sound massively turned volume, because I liked the Scots advance better. Why is it, it wummert, is hard to say: Acoustics? Technology? Mischmensch? damage. The euphoria is in this first Schweizerhalle concert “The Cure” Since 2008 attenuated only for the sake of sound quality. What the quintet was playing on stage, was overwhelming and led after a few minutes in the first highlights. who would have thought, that we the band “The Walk”, “In Between days” or “Boys Don’t Cry” presented so early? Robert Smith, we are likely to experience even as bulky Hitverweigerer in the past, played with his four companions soon by the first great classic and spread really good mood.


Everything played beautifully and Roberts voice still sounds great. The 57-year-old is in fine form vocally, varies cool in the pitch and differs sometimes from the original lines from. His significant voice holds actually two and a half hours without compromising by. That the British as known numbers brought so early, also shows, from which they can choose, rich fundus. Your desire to change them apart on this tour. So the quintet Evening shakes for evening the Tour setlist by, to surprise and the audience. Bassist Simon Gallup, 56, wearing an oversized year Elvis-Tolle and Iron Maiden T-Shirt and played preferably on the monitor speakers. As the only Gallup explores the stage width of, sprinted auf Speed, as a contrast to the stoic keyboardist. The rest of the band wears simple black and her age well. So the Cure fans from the 80s and 90s, but there were a surprising number of very Boy people because, also mostly dressed in black. To celebrate the day had plenty of many manner Mid Kajal- and red lipstick borrowed from her daughters and her hair set with hairspray and hair dryer. The enthusiasm in the audience is large. Unlike previous concerts one can see only a few Robert Smith Lookalikes. We're all getting older and not necessarily hairy.

The Cure 2016 in Basel: A concert with goosebumps

of “The Cure” apply no current plate, missing gigs maybe a little of the narrative framework, to her concert tours once dominated. The mood of the respective works carried over once to the setlists, which were awarded by the majority winged or in Fear before the age spiraling Songs. The light show is a feast for the eyes, lush and perfectly matched to the music and on the LED panels behind the band, there was now and live camera-Bulletin with infinity effect. After 15 Songs and nearly 90 Minutes duration was the regular set for the first time to end – and yet one which had only reached half, there still should follow three massive addition blocks. Especially the first block could with the great “Burn” from “the crow” soundtrack and “A forest” convince, which made again for powerful enthusiasm. The band has performed in any case a very good cross section of her work. Numerous options are Robert Smith’ Melodies, only “Charlotte Sometimes” and “Disintegration” missing. The third addition to the block party! on “Friday I’m in Love”, “Hot Hot Hot!!!” and “Close to Me” followed the bouncing uptempo Howler “Why Can’t I Be You” and was the culmination of the evening.


“The Cure” live are not just a concert, “The Cure” live are an event! And it was indeed a grand event of a famous band, which also 2016 can completely convince. Schade was only the opener, a good song certainly, only the acoustics, which was unfortunately poorly underground. Despite the somewhat sedate start could “The Cure” probably excite most of their followers, although not all have persevered the entire three hours and for many was still to another hour in line at the door. there is to regret nothing - or maybe more than the fact, that “The Cure” at their concerts in Italy even it packed five songs and three hours played. And yet there were all hits, but still was not anbiedernder greatest hits Evening. “The Cure” thrilled the fans in the sold-out St. Jakobshalle in Basel. A stunning band, rousing songs and two and a half hours exuberant melancholy, celebrates enjoyable by a perfectly tempered Robert Smith and colleagues at his best. A successful concert evening, who started with great feelings and it was completed with a goose bumps. Could not be better.

The Cure 2016 in Basel: A concert with goosebumps

Setlist The Cure:

  1. Open
  2. A Night Like This
  3. The Walk
  4. Push
  5. In Between Days
  6. Boys Don’t Cry
  7. Pictures of you
  8. High
  9. Love Song
  10. Just like heaven
  11. Trust
  12. From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
  13. alt.end
  14. One Hundred Years
  15. end
  16. Yet:

  17. Want
  18. Burn
  19. A forest
  20. Yet 2:

  21. Shake Dog Shake
  22. Fascination Street
  23. Never Enough
  24. Wrong Number
  25. Yet 3:

  26. Lullaby
  27. Friday I’m in Love
  28. Hot Hot Hot!!!
  29. Close to Me
  30. Why Can’t I Be You?
The Cure 2016 in Basel: A concert with goosebumps
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