In this Video gibts 113 Annual science fiction cinema in four minutes! a SuperCut, of a comprehensive selection of some of the best science fiction films since 1902 enthält und den Grossteil der Filme habe ich sogar gesehen.


A list of films contained in the same Supercut there below after the jump…

Introduction speech by Orson Wells: “War of the worlds”, BBC radio.
1902- Trip to the Moon
1927- Metropolis
1929- Fraud in Mond
1931- Frankenstein
1933- The Invisible Man
1936- The Devil doll
1951- The Day the Earth Stood Still
1953- The War of the Worlds
1956- Forbidden Planet
1956- Invasion of the Body Snatchers
1957- The incredible Shrinking Man
1960- The Time Machine
1960- The village of the Damned
1966- Fahrenheit 451
1968- A space Odissey
1968- Planet of the Apes
1971- A Clockwork Orange
1972- Solaris
1973- Fantastic Planet
1974- Soylent Green
1977- Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
1977- star wars: episode IV, A New Hope
1979- Alien
1979- Stalker
1980- star wars: Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back
1982- Blade Runner
1982- E.T.
1982- The Thing
1982- Tron
1984- Terminator
1985- Back to the Future
1985- Brazil
1986- The Fly
1987- Predator
1987- RoboCop
1989- Back to the Future II
1990- Total Recall
1991- Terminator II
1993- Jurassic Park
1995- Ghost in the Shell
1995- Twelve Monkeys
1997- Open your eyes
1997- Cube
1997- Gattaca
1997- The Fifht Element
1999- The Matrix
1999- Being Jhon Malcovich
2001- Donnie Darko
2002-1988 Akira (Blu-ray, remaster) not in release order
2002- Minority Report
2005- V for Vendetta
2006- Children of Men
2008- Wall-E
2009- Avatar
2009- District-9
2009- Moon
2009- Watchmen
2010- Inception
2011- Super-8
2013- Star Trek Into Darkness
2013- Gravity
2013- her (only voice)

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