Evil Feed

20131 H 30 My

The sadistic Steven an exclusive Chinese restaurant called Long Pig heard underground, operates the a clientele, holding after eating human flesh out. His right hand is his girlfriend Yuki. In order to provide its guests and to entertain, kidnapped Steven martial artist, the need to put yourself in a cage in his basement its own fighters, whereby the loser ends as the court for the well-paying customers. As Nash and Jenna get into his visor, break their friends Tyrone, Brian and Carlos on, to infiltrate to the restaurant and to save both the neck. But they will really make it and all the healing out again?

Title Evil Feed
Original Titel Evil Feed
Director Kimani Ray Smith
Term 1 H 30 My
Start date 23 October 2013
Rating In Order

„Evil Feed“ is wonderfully entertaining romp with a couple fight deposits, a pinch of black humor and lots of splatter. horror for old school „Hostel“-Style meets bone-dry Martial Arts Action. There are also neat tits and asses, extremely much blood and to the point of caricature distorted figures. Furthermore you inside out something heavy Metal and you have a pretty entertaining piece of film, in which you should turn off the brain but.

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„Evil Feed“ categorizing is almost impossible, because elements from many genres join hands here. the Trash-Factor is extremely high, the humor is deep black and moves even the macabre scene in a rather amusing light. This also a certain distance of the viewer to the sometimes considerably brutal sequences is maintained. Quick falls on, that just focusing on a deliberate wackiness the film brings the biggest problems. Above all, the story can never keep up here. While the initial situation is yet established relatively quickly and works really well, the film is bogged down soon in an exuberant bead on figures. He focuses not only properly, why you are doing is also difficult, one „main character“ to appoint. The result is, that the action a true center as well as a figure, with which one can go with, missing. This has of course also affect the voltage curve, the slack several times, especially in the middle part.

Boring it is in this case, however, never. Because director debutant Kimani Ray Smith, previously mainly active as a stuntman in Hollywood, suppressed consistently to the Tube and coated absurdity, disgust, Action and black humor courageously layer by layer to each other. „Evil Feed“ is due to the always moving, but brought increasingly the impression of a loose-knit revue. The film comes by the way of the sick ideas by director Ryan Nicholson, which among other things, „Gutterballs“ has already made a name for itself with most horror friends. The camera is constantly on the lookout for crazy settings and the wild soundtrack is like to the average frequency before. In this technical framework act performer, which are the famous bit about it across the board. Overacting everywhere. times annoying, consistent times. The guys have hinlangen primarily tidy, while pulling the ladies blank. The latter is definitely not to the detriment of the viewer, for the ladies „Evil Feed“ are truly very pleasant to look at. The absolute highlight and definitely the Showstealer this wild ride: Alyson Bath as completely crazy, dauerjuckige Yuki.

So if you have an appetite for a completely incorrect politically film Happen, should „Evil Feed“ definitely set. One should be aware of this, that one does not fall of unreasonable German publication victim, were removed at the well nearly all the passages with the big scissors Censorship. In the action of the film expect the audience surprisingly solid and crisp Martial Arts Fights, have been heavily trimmed for efficiency and are mounted afloat. In addition, they usually end with really brutal finishers, where throats out- and faces to be demolished. is well off the action „Evil Feed“ an extremely massive thing. Since tails are torn off and eaten, generally, the cannibalism issue is omnipresent and be puked eels or crushed skulls are per se nothing, after which the German youth protection is. The pace is more than fast and hard-hitting action and even violent and sometimes witty splatter deposits are pretty Highlight moments. From the pretty comic optics to mention and Yuki Actress Alyson Bath alone the reputation is already worth.