Berkshire County

20141 H 23 My

Student Kylie's not easy. School Playboy Marcus urged her to oral sex, his buddies a set Video it into the net, and her classmates why they hate. To distract you go to baby-sit out into the country, where two small children require care. But as soon as the children are put to bed, covet masked strangers forcibly intake. Kylie succeeds first, to keep them from the threshold and emergency calls to tätigem, but neither the cops nor the Marcus rushed to the scene turn out to be real help.

Title Berkshire County
Original Titel Berkshire County
Director Audrey Cummings
Term 1 H 23 My
Start date 5 October 2014
Rating Not bad

„Berkshire County“ is quite exciting Home Invasion Horror, of a little Coming of Age to stir. Performing Risch is not quite so hot and money for ne sensible German synchronization was not available. The film is very predictable and who „You are next“ liked, is also well served. I've at least not bored and that's worth quite a few points.

Psychopaths with pig masks are now quite commonly found in the genre, to unsuspecting people Fear instill. Also, the Canadian „Berkshire County“ makes use of known terrorist practice use. For several years, get regular psychopath look in horror cinema, visit the innocent families at home, in order to terrorize and torment there. „Berkshire County“ is no exception and is expected by many viewers - just for the sake of masking - cause so many déjà vu. For he calls films like „Madison County“, „Torment“ and „You’re Next“ to mind, because there are also animal masks killer have developed a perverse pleasure in killing helpless people.

The Canadian Audrey Cummings narrates in his directorial debut passable work from. But unfortunately offers „Berkshire County“ nothing, what you do not already get to see many offshoots of this kind. Which seems to have makers Cummings least studied meticulously, so despite predictable course of action now and then something comes up voltage. So the viewer follows an applied Babysitter, which is constantly busy, to hide along with two proteges in a vast estate and hope for help. the hiding game is supported by pumping synth sounds, let the often works by old masters John Carpenter pass in review. Unfortunately, the continuously built up tension device by some not very successful synchronization falter. For that were not always professional speaker occupied, so that the film quite often gets problems with the seriousness. One is looking for the way in the final in vain, because the more „Berkshire County“ the finish line approaches, the more hair-raising and credible, the struggle for survival designed. Which is driven into absurdity, trying not even to answer key questions.

ultimately comes „Berkshire County“ just a few years too late, After „funny games“ just too many of these films were brought into the living room. Wer Home-Invasion-Thriller mag, it is unlikely to worry about and should also „Berkshire County“ spend a few minutes driving pulse - also if this subgenre urgently needed new ideas. The open and abundant constructed acting end wants to make it clear to the viewer, that you want to send these strips in series. So you trudge into tracks known sequel goods, which was continued for so long, wanted to see until they no longer.

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