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Privacy Policy
Having regard to Article 13 the Swiss Constitution and the data protection provisions of the Federal (Data Protection Act, DSG) everyone has the right to privacy and to protection against misuse of their personal data. We comply with these provisions. Personal information is kept strictly confidential and not sold to third parties nor disclosed. In close cooperation with our hosting provider, we strive, the databases as well as possible against unauthorized access, Losses, misuse or falsification. When you access our websites, the following data is stored in log files: IP-Address, Date, Time of day, Browser request and allg. Transmitted to the operating system respectively. Browser. This usage data forms the basis for statistical, anonymous evaluations, so that trends can be seen, to enable us to improve our services accordingly.

Safety measures
We meet in accordance with the type. 32 DSGVO in consideration of the prior art, the implementation cost and type, the scope, the circumstances and purposes of the processing and the different probability of occurrence and severity of the risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons, appropriate technical and organizational measures, to ensure an adequate risk protection.
Among the measures include in particular the assurance of confidentiality, Integrity and availability of data by controlling physical access to the data, as well as the access to relevant, the command, transfer, securing the availability and their separation. Furthermore, we have set up procedures, a perception of affected rights, erasure of data and response to threat data. We also take into account the protection of personal data at the design stage, or. Selecting hardware, Software and procedures, according to the principle of data protection by equipment design and by privacy-friendly presets (Art. 25 DSGVO).

Measurements taken from us to complete hosting services are the provision of the following services: infrastructure- and Platform Services, computing capacity, Storage and database services, Security services and technical maintenance services, that we use for the purpose of the operation of this online offer.
Here we process, or. our hosting provider inventory data, contact details, content data, contract data, usage data, Meta- and communication data of customers, Prospects and visitors according to this online offer based on our legitimate interests in an efficient and safe provision of this online offer. Art. 6 ABS. 1 lit. f DSGVO i.V.m. Art. 28 DSGVO (Completion of job processing contract).

Collection of access data and log files
we, or. our hosting provider, rises on the basis of our legitimate interests within the meaning of Art. 6 ABS. 1 lit. F. DSGVO data on every access to the server, on which this service is (so-called server log files). To access data includes name of the downloaded website, file, Date and time of call, amount of data transferred, Notification of successful retrieval, Browser type along with version, the operating system of the user, Referrer URL (previously visited site), IP address and the requesting provider.
Log file information for security reasons (e.g.. to educate abuse- or fraud) for a maximum period of 7 Days stored and then deleted. Data, as evidence their further storage is required, until the final clarification of the respective incident excluded from the deletion.

Cookies and objection on direct mail services
As „Cookies“ are called small files, which are stored on computers of users. Within the cookies different data can be stored. A cookie is primarily used, the information to a user (or. the device on which the cookie is stored) store during or even after his visit in any reserves. As a temporary cookies, or. „Session-Cookies“ oder „transiente Cookies“, Cookies are referred, to be deleted, after a user leaves an online offer and closes his browser. In such a cookie can e.g.. the contents of a shopping cart in an online store or a login status will be saved. As a "permanent" or „persistent“ Cookies are referred, remain saved even after the browser is closed. Thus, e.g.. the login status will be saved, when the users visit these after several days. Likewise, the interests of users can be stored in such a cookie, used for audience measurement and marketing purposes. As „Third-Party-Cookie“ Cookies are referred, the other party as the person responsible, operating the online offer, be offered (otherwise, if it is only the cookies we speak of „First-Party Cookies“).
We may use temporary and permanent cookies and clarify here on in our privacy policy on.
If the user does not want, that cookies are stored on your computer, they are asked to disable the corresponding option in the system settings of your browser. Saved cookies can be deleted in the system settings of the browser. The exclusion of cookies may lead to functional limitations of this website.
A general objection to the use of cookies used for purposes of online marketing can be in a variety of services, especially in the case of tracking, on the American side or the EU side be explained. Furthermore, to achieve the storage of cookies by means of which switching off in the settings of the browser. Please note, that then, if all features of this website can not be used.

Subjects' rights
you have the right, to require a confirmation, whether data relating to processing and communication of such data as well as more information and a copy of the data according to type. 15 DSGVO.
They have accordingly. Art. 16 DSGVO the right, to demand the completion of the data concerning you or correction of erroneous data concerning you.
They have in accordance with Art. 17 the right to ask DSGVO, that data will be deleted immediately concerned, or. alternatively, in accordance with Art. 18 DSGVO to require a restriction on the processing of the data.
You have the right to ask, that the data in question, you have provided to us in accordance with Art. 20 get DSGVO and demand forwarded to any other person responsible.
They also gem. Art. 77 DSGVO the right, file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority.

you have the right, granted consent pursuant. Art. 7 ABS. 3 to revoke DSGVO with effect for the future.

right to
You can the future processing of data concerning you in accordance with Art. 21 contradict DSGVO any time. The opposition can be made to the processing for direct marketing purposes in particular.

Deletion of data
The processed data we are depending on the type. 17 and 18 DSGVO deleted or restricted in their processing. Unless specifically stated in this Privacy Policy, the stored data are deleted, as soon as they are no longer required for their intended purpose and would hold back the deletion no legal retention requirements. Unless the data is not deleted, because they are required for other lawful purposes, and, their processing is limited. d.h. the data is locked and not processed for other purposes. This applies e.g.. for information, from trade- must be kept or tax reasons.
After legal requirements in Germany, Storage takes place in particular for 10 Years in accordance with §§ 147 ABS. 1 TO, 257 ABS. 1 No.. 1 and 4, ABS. 4 HGB (Books, records, Management reports, accounting documents, trading Books, for taxation relevant documents, etc.) and 6 Years in accordance with § 257 ABS. 1 No.. 2 and 3, ABS. 4 HGB (commercial letters).
According to legal regulations in Austria storage occurs in particular for 7 J according to § 132 ABS. 1 HOW (Accounting records, Receipts / invoices, content, supporting documents, business papers, Statement of revenue and expenditure, etc.), for 22 Years related to land and for 10 Years for documents relating to services provided electronically, telecommunications, broadcast- and television services, which are supplied to non-entrepreneurs in EU Member States and for the mini one-stop shop (MOSS) is claimed.

The successor comments can by power users with their consent. Art. 6 ABS. 1 lit. a DSGVO subscribe. Users receive a confirmation email, to check, whether they are the owner of the email address entered. Users can unsubscribe from ongoing comment subscriptions at any time. The confirmation email will contain references to the withdrawal options. For the purpose of proving the consent of the users, we save the time of application, together with the IP address of the users and delete this information, when users log off the Subscription.
You can cancel the reception of our ABonnemenets any time, d.h. Their consent revoked. We can save the discharged email addresses up to three years on the basis of our legitimate interests before we delete them, to prove a previously given consent. The processing of this data is limited to the purpose of a possible defense of claims. An individual request for cancellation at any time, if the former existence of a consent at the same time is confirmed.

Akismet anti-spam scanning
Our online offer uses the service "Akismet", of the Automattic Inc., 60 29th Street #343, San Francisco, as 94110, USA, is offered. Use is at the basis of our legitimate interests within the meaning of Art. 6 ABS. 1 lit. F) DSGVO. With the help of this service comments of real people from spam comments are differentiated. For this, all comment information is sent to a server in the US, where it is analyzed and stored for comparison purposes for four days. If a comment has been classified as spam, the data is stored beyond that time. This information includes the name you entered, the E-Mail adress, the IP address, the comment content, the referrer, Information about the browser used and the computer system and the time of the entry.
For more information on the collection and use of data by Akismet can be found in the privacy notices of Automattic:
Users are welcome to use pseudonyms, or do without entering the name or email address. You can prevent the transmission of the data completely, by not use our comment system. That would be a shame, but unfortunately we see no other alternatives, working as effectively.

Polling profile pictures at Gravatar
We set the Gravatar of Automattic Inc. service within our online presence, particularly in the Blog, 60 29th Street #343, San Francisco, as 94110, USA, a.
Gravatar is a service, can in which to register users and store profile pictures and their e-mail addresses. When users with the respective e-mail address on other online presences (especially in blogs) leave posts or comments, can be displayed next to the posts or comments as their profile pictures. For this purpose the date notified by the users e-mail address is Gravatar for review, whether a profile is saved to it, transmitted in encrypted form. This is the only purpose of the transfer of the e-mail address and it is used for other purposes, but then deleted.
The use of Gravatar made on the basis of our legitimate interests within the meaning of Art. 6 ABS. 1 lit. F) DSGVO, we using the Gravatar Post- and comment writers provide the opportunity to personalize their posts with a profile picture.
By displaying the images Gravatar brings the IP address of the user experience in, as this is necessary for communication between a browser and an online service. For more information on the collection and use of data by Gravatar found in the privacy policies of Automattic:
If users do not want to, that a linked with your e-mail address at Gravatar Avatar in comments appear, You should use an e-mail address to comment, which is not deposited with Gravatar. We also point out, it is also possible to use an anonymous or no e-mail address, if the user does not want, that one's e-mail address at Gravatar is ending. Users can prevent the transmission of the data completely, by not use our comment system.

When contacting us (e.g.. by contact, Email, Phone or via social media) the information the user to edit the contact request and its run are gem. Art. 6 ABS. 1 lit. B) DSGVO processed. The information the user can in a customer relationship management system („CRM System“) are stored or comparable request Organization.
We delete the requests, provided that they are no longer required. We review the necessity every two years; Furthermore, the legal archiving obligations apply.

With the following information, we will inform you about the content of our newsletter as well as the registration, shipping- and the statistical evaluation methods as well as your right of appeal to. By subscribing to our newsletter, you agree with the reception and the methods described agree.
Content of the newsletter: We send newsletters, E-mails and other electronic notifications with advertising information (following „Newsletter“) only with the consent of the recipient or a legal permission. its contents are paraphrased unless specifically as part of a subscription to the newsletter, they are relevant for user consent. Furthermore, our newsletter containing information about our services and us.
Double opt-in and logging: Registration for our newsletter takes place in a so-called. Double-Opt-in-Verfahren. d.h. You receive after registration an email, where you will be asked to confirm your registration. This confirmation is necessary, so no one can log with foreign e-mail addresses. The registrations for the newsletter are logged, to prove to the registration process in accordance with the legal requirements. This includes the storing of credentials- and the confirmation date, and the IP address. Likewise, changes to your data stored by the shipping service provider data is logged.
credentials: To register for the newsletter, it is enough, if you provide your e-mail address. Optional please leave your name, quoted in the newsletter for the purpose personal approach.
The newsletter and the measurement of success attached to it made on the basis of consent of the recipient gem. Art. 6 ABS. 1 lit. A, Art. 7 DSGVO i.V.m § 7 ABS. 2 No.. 3 UWG or. gem on the basis of statutory authorization. § 7 ABS. 3 UWG.
The logging of the registration procedure is carried out on the basis of our legitimate interests gem. Art. 6 ABS. 1 lit. f DSGVO. Our interest is directed to the use of a user-friendly and safe system Newsletter, is both our business interests is, as also corresponds to the expectations of users and also allows us the proof of consent.
Termination / Revocation – You can cancel the reception of our newsletter at any time, d.h. Their consent revoked. A link to the cancellation of the newsletter can be found at the end of every newsletter. We can save the discharged email addresses up to three years on the basis of our legitimate interests before we delete them, to prove a previously given consent. The processing of this data is limited to the purpose of a possible defense of claims. An individual request for cancellation at any time, if the former existence of a consent at the same time is confirmed.

Newsletter – Mailchimp
The dispatch of the newsletter by means of the shipper „Mailchimp“, a newsletter delivery platform from US vendor Rocket Science Group, LLC, 675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE #5000, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA. The privacy policy of the shipper can be viewed here: The Rocket Science Group LLC d / b / a MailChimp is certified under the Privacy Shield agreements, thereby providing a guarantee, comply with the European data protection ( The shipping service is gem on the basis of our legitimate interests. Art. 6 ABS. 1 lit. f DSGVO and a job proc