when it comes to Porn is going „Teen“ one of the most searched terms. The trend away from silicone and back to natural holds in the porn industry for some time. Are particularly popular movies, where Amateur-Performers are seen in hard sex action. This preference demand always new actresses, particularly sought are those between 18 and 24 Years. Exactly these professionals interior portrays the documentation „Hot Girls Wanted„, which can be seen from now on at Netflix.

After „Hot Girls Wanted“ likely many a teen-porn-consumers are keen on his beloved porn genre perish. The documentary about the five young Women Tressa, Rachel, Jade, Karly and Michelle, who want to break into the porn industry Foot, showing the unvarnished, hard-hitting reality in the porn industry. It shows the naive hopes of Neudarstellerinnen and sketched shattered dreams. Curly from many money, followed for many women the great disillusionment. Actress Tressa told by the tide in their account: „I have in four months 25’000 Earned dollars. When I left the porn industry, I had only 2000 Dollars in my bank account.“ reason for that is, that the newcomers from the makeup over the outfit to Travel and medical tests have to shell out everything myself.

The Sex on camera does not always fun, also for the health, the work is not conducive, admits Karly, lying as Lucy Tyler front of the camera: „That can not be good for you, to have as much sex. With so many different people. Puh. It is sick, but that's my job.“ Often, the women wash after shooting her vagina in the shower from, which presents a health risk. The cleaning prevents the natural cleansing process of the female body. Tressa is only 19 Years due to a Vaginalzyste in treatment. trigger for: Too much sex. but the Boy Woman fighting for their profession not only with health problems, their relationship is affected by their activities. Your friend says in the documentary: „Think most of my friends, that I should not meet. But everything, What I See, is a girl, wanted to achieve something for themselves.“

The documentary premiered at the Sundance Festival and was immediately showered with praise. the „New York Post“ speaks of a masterpiece, even an Oscar nomination is imputed to the film.