Gremlins – Little monsters

Gremlins - Little monsters

Cute. clever. Boshaft. intelligent. Dangerous.

19841 H 46 My

Warning: Keep it away from water - they keep away from light - but the most important thing: All the same, how much they beg: In no case should they be fed after midnight - never! Three mysterious warnings, before Billy Pelzer can close his new cuddly pet in his arms. But he should have listened to the warnings, because of dempossierlichen Christmas is a nightmare for a whole city. A little, funny animal, multiplies in seconds and there are horrible and yet highly intelligent Monster.

Title Gremlins - Little monsters
Original Titel Gremlins
Director Joe Dante
Term 1 H 46 My
Start date 7 June 1984
Rating Masterpiece

The tradition of stories about mythical creatures and supernatural phenomena stimulates the collective imagination. Every culture has it their own myths and legends. So the bomber pilots of the British Royal Air Force technical problems during WWII attributed with their machines like the sabotage by small Gremlins. Very quickly, the puck-like pests have then found its way into film history: Today they are as the little monsters from Joe Dante 1984 incurred horror-comedy „Gremlins“ well known. As one of the first productions of Steven Spielberg's newly founded Amblin film should E.T the dark counterpart. be. This bill passed in which even today still enjoyable spectacle not only at the box office.

After hitherto unprecedented success of his alien-tale „E.T.“ was Steven Spielberg rather do so or leave, what he wanted. And so, he and his old companion Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) a production company, which was named in Amblin reminiscence of an early short film Spielberg. here should Boy Directors have the option, working with large funds for a large audience. Mid-eighties had Amblin then already four Hitfilme on the account, Next „Gremlins“ Kid Adventure „Die Goonies“ by Richard Donner, time travel comedy „Back to the Future“ by Robert Zemeckis and „Young Sherlock Holmes“, Barry Levinson's account of the experiences of young Sherlock Holmes.

At „Gremlins“ was the original screenplay by Amblin strain Author Chris Columbus, who later designed by the star director (Kevin home alone, Harry Potter) rise, in a detailed Umschreibeprozess by author, brought together director and producer in the final form. Thus the preference of all three are in „Gremlins“, but Joe Dante has certainly influenced him the most sustainable. The director was called Steven Spielberg's evil brother because of his anarchic vein of a critic and more than a criticism to his films bears the obvious title "“Dantes Inferno“. The ideal world of Before- and small towns proves actually with him as Hell, whether in „Burbs“, In „Small Soldiers“, in its segment of the „Twilight Zone“-Movie or even in the „Gremlins“. For this he often refers to the favorite pastime of suburbanites and constantly sets current TV on commenting. To accompany such an excerpt from Don Siegel „the Body Snatchers“ the transformation process of Gremlins.

so is „Gremlins“ peppered with references, Tributes and self-reflection, most of these connections are important for Dante and for Spielberg. always again is on „E.T.“ alluded – from the famous line „Phone Home“ until the hiding of Stripes, the evil Obergremlin, the doll shelf next to a figure of the gnome from space. While it might be random, that singing gizmos like the „Chipmunks“ sounds, the reference to the notification by musical tone sequence in „Close Encounters of the Third Kind“ clear elsewhere intention. A highlight is the sequence, in the goblins interrupt their destructive bustle, to the cinema Disney „Snow White“ to watch. Enthusiastic sing the song of the dwarfs, but the movie theater still going to end up in the air. The most important reference in „Gremlins“ is the Christmas classic Is not life beautiful?.

Dante the narrative conventions denied Also, by concedes his characters no particular depth or credibility. In particular, Billy is not more than a decal. Despite sabotage * a sufficient contribution solid narrative framework is built in * Gremlins, This brings the director only 1990 in the sequel * Gremlins II - Return of the little monsters * to collapse. Dante worships with many visual gags and exaggerations also his first film Love, the Animation, he later on relish overwound „Looney Tunes: Back In Action“ could devote bluntly. Despite the slight overall, often almost satiric tone of „Gremlins“ Dante can occasionally the evil fantasy with cartoon exaggeration esker run free. Since Gremlins are sometimes hunted by the blender or grilled in the microwave. at what „Tom & Jerry“ seems to be acceptable, is here to provocation. Director Joe Dante subscribes to in his films the resolution of any order and indulges the desire to rule breaking.