For more than 40 Years are John and Mark Gallagher for Metal on the way, most of that time with drummer Joe Hasselvander. Although the publication rate has declined significantly since the mid-90s, sets „raven“ With „Extermination“ as much before quality, which can be described as a real board with good reason. After her successful comeback with „Walk Through Fire“ comes the NWOBHM legend now with a new album around the corner, the (fast) in time for the 40th anniversary of the band appears. „raven“ also offer on their latest work, the perfect mix of Metal anthem, NWoBHM-Spirit, Speed ​​Metal and absolute chaos. „raven“ sound like no other band and no band sounds like „raven“.

Album Review: raven - Extermination

Like their Canadian counterparts from „Anvil“ were the British at the beginning of the 80s in the wings of the metallic race for glory, then at the end METALLICA or Megadeth pass to see and even one remained stuck somewhere Anvil. Neither commercial, nor health setbacks could „raven“ reside to date. Bravely, the band trudged on and now it actually looks pretty good again. „Extermination“ is overall a punchy, spielfreudiges Album geworden. „raven“ were already always as inspiration for dozens of other bands, without „raven“ today there would probably neither Thrash- noch Speed Metal. And somehow the Gallagher Brothers are together with their „Weird“-Drummer Joe Hasselvander unkaputtbar. The immigrated to the US English have with „Rock Until You Drop“ and „Wiped Out“ Classics forever released and also the last studio album „Walk Through Fire“ was really good.

Raven Band

The present output „Extermination“ was unceremoniously through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, in one whopping 27’000 $ gained, finanziert, which meant, that equal a Kickstarter-only cover album called „Party Killers“ it put. The whopping recording budget is reflected especially in the really crunchy, but by no means overdone sound again, the recording engineer Kevin 131, with the band with the predecessor „Walk Through Fire“ had worked, responsible draws. The positive energy of their legendary live shows can also be found on „Extermination“ Back. Mark Gallagher delivers his hitherto most aggressive vocal performance and the characteristic screams are used less frequently than in the past. How had ruled no-frills heavy metal between stomping simplicity and impressive dynamics. That John Gallagher, the very high notes is no longer true so completely one hundred percent, can get over, while rousing uptempo knocker like „Destroy All Monsters“ or „Feeding The Monster“ – yes what for now, destroy or feed? – meet in classic early metal style the bull's-eye.


Right from the start is drauflosgeholzt with a playfulness and energy, that the listener will have no choice, to jump as grinning broadly through the apartment, either to swing the Luftklampfe or the hair and at each of the numerous Hitrefrains with tune. Easiest riffs are presented here with such fervor and wasted by the dozen, that you do not only comes up with the idea, to complain, that here innovation is written rather small. What hüftsteif or dusty in other bands sounds, drowned in „raven“ fresh and punchy, apart from the times slightly flabby bass drum. With „Fight“ and „Feeding The Monster“ have „raven“ two real contenders for the title „Heavy-Metal-Song des Jahres“ at the start. The wrecking ball „Battle March Tank Treads“ Calls with their bone-dry aggressiveness the inclined fan to nod-condition from, what the turnip hergibt. With „Fire Burns Within“ one takes the foot off the accelerator, then make it with „Scream“ fully push through again. However, too much, because the rest of the album does not contain any heavy Kracher more. „One More Day“ would be in the repertoire of „The Answer“ and made better „Thunder Down Under“ is more of a tribute to AC / DC than Iron Maiden or Def Leppard. „Golden Dawn“ is the perfect intro to „Silver Bullet“, for both are no more than filler. The album will be completed by the ballad „River Of No Return“ and the bonus track „Malice In Geordieland“ proves quite a bit of humor coupled with powerful steam in the boiler.

Raven Band

Of the songs here is located „raven“ course remained true, especially the guitar work of Mark Gallagher can set the tone and really bad songs on the present good hour actually not frittered. Nevertheless, „Extermination“ too long in my opinion, a trace(atmig) fancy, because here and there a certain weariness creeps but a. This is through the faster tracks such as. „Fight“ or „Feeding The Monster“ somehow weggebröselt, but a, two tracks of the disc would have less certainly done well. Had it really a double LP fill, just because you can? Anyway, the melodies are always unobtrusive, but mostly intoxicating yet. „Extermination“ Although leaves the hectic madness and the madness of the early albums, a good bit behind, but detracts not at all the quality of the tape. Stylistically and qualitatively can be the shekel somewhere between the 88s album „Nothing Exceeds Like Excess“ and the 97er „Everything Louder“ classify and who is on course crisp NWOBHM-inspired tunes, makes the purchase of „Extermination“ absolutely no errors. An absolute must for Raven fans and a worthwhile entry into the cosmos this sympathetic, chaotic troupe. The most important thing is, however,, that „Extermination“ the perfect base for a new track the band is live and the men are known to be a true power.

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  1. Destroy All Monsters
  2. Tomorrow
  3. It’s Not what you got
  4. Fight
  5. Battle March/Tank Treads (The Blood Runs Red)
  6. Feeding The Monster
  7. Fire Burns Within
  8. Scream
  9. One More Day
  10. Thunder Down Under
  11. No Surrender
  12. Golden Dawn
  13. Silver Bullet
  14. River Of No Return
  15. Malice In Geordieland (Bonus Track)
Album Review: raven - Extermination
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