Hübsch dieser Clip der uns zeigt, was wäre, wenn alle Actionhelden, die die Welt retten, Frauen wären? Oder so…

What if all the action heroes who saved the world, day in and day out… were girls?
Only 12% of protagonists in major Hollywood films are female. Even in the background, in crowded wide shots, women only make up about 17% of those shown in live action and animated movies. Among the highest grossing G-rated films of all time, female characters are outnumbered by male characters by three to one.
Move behind the camera and the numbers are sadly similar: in 2014, only 15% of films had female directors, 20% had female writers, and a mere 8% had female cinematographers.

What if all the action heroes were girls? | Girl Action Figure Montage | GoldieBlox & Ruby Rails