Interview mit Dave Mustaine und Kerry King zu dessen Auftritt bei Megadeth

Vor wenigen Tagen hatten wir den Clip zum ersten Auftritt von Kerry King bei Megadeth seit 26 Jahren in der Gruft. Hier einige Zitate von Dave nach dem Auftritt:

Not very many people know this, but Kerry King played guitar in Megadeth in the very beginning. David Ellefson [Megadeth Bassist] still touts [Kerry] as being the best rhythm guitar player that Megadeth ever had, which I think is really cool.

It’s funny, because when Kerry played with us, he would still wear his Slayer colors. We didn’t, so we would be there with high-tops and sneakers on and Kerry would be there with nails for days everywhere. [laughs] And I remember going to his house and he was making that thing [nail-studded wristband], man. His dad’s sitting on a chair watching TV and Kerry’s just sitting there just hammering away, making a pentagram like it was nothing — not a big deal at all. [laughs] And we had a great time, man. He’s a really smart player and he was able to learn the stuff that I wrote really quickly, which made a huge impression on David, ‚cause he still talks about it.

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