Innerhalb von 9 Monaten (die Arbeiten haben bereits begonnen) will das AI-Lab der Uni Zürich den fortschrittlichsten humanoiden Roboter der Welt bauen: Roboy. Die Finanzierung findet unter anderem per Crowdfunding statt und ich habe mir gerade den Dravens Tales Skull auf dem Roboter geleistet, ist ein richtig gutes Investment und ich habe definitiv schon Kohle für Dümmeres ausgegeben. Folgendes dazu aus der aktuellsten Pressemitteilung:

Roboy is a robot with a future. He represents a new generation of robots and an innovative research direction for science and industry. This pioneering project began a good five months ago at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the University of Zurich, and its goal is to develop one of the most advanced humanoid robots within the record-breaking timeframe of only nine months. Today “Roboy” is getting a new face and can already move his arms – and soon he will be presented to the public to celebrate the laboratory’s 25th anniversary at the robotics fair “Robots on Tour”.

“Roboy” – a “soft robot” – is a more advanced version of his famous brother “Ecce”. Thanks to his construction as a tendon-driven robot modelled on human beings (“normal” robots have their motors in their joints), Roboy moves almost as elegantly as a human. What’s more, at a later point in the project Roboy will be covered with “soft skin”, so that interacting with him becomes safer and more pleasant.