Outro SUPERCUT De Burger Fiction com o mais estúpido, mais estranho e mais estranho Armas na história do cinema. 48 Beispiele dafür, que realmente qualquer coisa pode ser uma arma, se você pode lidar com isso porque. Mesmo creme dental. Ou sabugo de milho. Ai! Parte 1 gibt es übrigens hier


A lista dos filmes lá depois do salto…

Daredevil – Paper Clips
Aliens – Power Loader
An Eye For An Eye – Telephone
Hellboy – Payphone
Beverly Hills Ninja – Fish
Austin Powers – Toothpaste
Hot Shots! Part Deux – Chicken
Hot Fuzz – Wet Floor Sign
Kill Bill: v̫o. 1 РFrying Pan
Tangled – Frying Pan
Walking Tall – Frying Pan
Kiss of the Dragon – Chopsticks
Machete – Meat Thermometer
Nacho Libre – Corn
Sleepwalkers – Corn
Project A – Chili Peppers
Hancock – Candy Bar
Law Abiding Citizen – Steak Bone
Shanghai Noon – Moose Antlers
Kiss of the Dragon – Pool Ball
IP Man – Feather Duster
Kiss of the Dragon – Scooter
Shanghai Noon – Horseshoe Rope
Commando – Pipe
The Hard 2 – Icicle
The Boondock Saints – Toilet
The Bourne Ultimatum – Book
Colombiana – Toothbrush
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Hockey Stick
The Dark Knight – Pencil
Grosse Pointe Blank – Pen
Machete – Mop
Single White Female – High Heel Shoe
Armazenamento 24 – Exploding Puppy
The World’s End – Barstools
Foxy Brown – Barstool
The Incredible Shrinking Man – Push Pin
The Wizard of Oz – Water
Grosse Pointe Blank – TV
Scream – TV
Deadly Friend – Basketball
Godzilla and Mothra – Ferris Wheel
Walking Tall – 4×4 Lumber
Army Of escuriḍo РChainsaw Arm
From Dusk Till Dawn – Crotch Gun
Mystery Men – Canned Tornado
There Will Be Blood – Bowling Pin
Austin Powers – Shoe