Ghostbuster musi zrobić, Co musi Ghostbuster. Brytyjczyk Paul Harborne ma 1960 Cadillac Miller-Meteor kupiÅ‚ i Ecto-1 majstrowaÅ‚ na podstawie tego przypadku. Nie tanie, aber die Anzüge gabs umsonst.

PaweÅ‚ Harborne, z Sedgley, West Midlands, kupiÅ‚ rzadko 1960 Cadillac Miller-Meteor w 2010 and estimates he’s spent more than £100,000 Robi do stworzenia kultowego samochodu w ciÄ…gu ostatnich piÄ™ciu lat.

Combining his love for classic cars and Cult Film, Paul spent three years painstakingly renovating the car – turning it into the ultimate Ecto-1 replica.

I PawÅ‚a, 53, certainly attracts some interesting reactions when he’s JAZDA his Ghostbusters car around town.

Real Life Ghostbusters Car