Netter Trailer zum 80er Jahre VHS Fanedit von Neill Blomkamps Elysium. Der Original Film enttäuschte mich, vielleicht kann dieser Fancut, inklusive neuem Soundtrack und Filtern, mer…

Elysium is not a bad Film. faktisk, it’s a pretty good movie. I’ve admired Neill Blomkamp’s work even before District 9 when he was doing short films, like Alive in Joburg. He has a great style and he’s a wonderful director. That said, I feel he has taken a few missteps when creating this film. Til meg, Elysium is a film that’s stuck out of its time. If this were produced in the 1980s, where films with very heavy handed messages like RoboCop and Escape from New York were coming out, I think Elysium could have been considered a classic ahead of its time. SÃ¥, with that in mind, I set out to create a cut of the film that reflected a style forgotten in the age of 4K resolution and high quality sound. Dette er 80 tallet VHS Cut of Elysium.

E L Y S I U M - The 80s VHS Cut Trailer