In diesem kleinen Mashup von thepeterson trifft Nostalgie auf Pixel-Charme

Take twenty classic Video game tunes. Combine slowly, stirring until smooth. Leave to set on the windowsill. Serve with a side of sliced up game-play footage. Genieten.

Video Game Music Mix : Sessie 1

Die Liste der verwndeten Games gibts nach dem Klick

Contra – Jungle Theme
Sonic The Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone theme
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Pressing Pursuit
Ninja Gaiden – Ryu’s Determination
Phantasy Star – Palma Over-world Theme
Delta – Title Music
Deflector – Title Music
Space Harrier – Main Theme
Final Fantasy [III] [VI] – Terra’s Theme
Outrun – Splash Wave
Bit Trip Runner
KOF 96 – Kyo’s Theme
Katamari Demacy – Lonely Rolling Star
Star Fox – Corneria Theme
Top Gear – Circuit Theme C
Turrican 2 – The Wall
Hawkeye – Title Music
Mega Man 2 – Dr.Wily Stage 1
Metal Gear Solid – The Fury Theme