New Scotsman hat eine hübsche Story, zu welcher Alexei Yurchak in seinem Buch eine Liste veröffentlicht hat. Besonders hübsch, neben den gewalttätigen Village People und den Neofaschisten 10cc und Julio Iglesias finde ich die Gründe für die Zensur der Talking Heads und Pink Floyd: „Myth of Soviet Military Danger“ und „Interfering the foreign policy of USSR“.

The blacklist, titled ‘The approximate list of foreign musical groups and artists, whose repertoires contain ideologically harmful compositions’, was drawn up by Komsomol, the Communist Party’s Youth Wing. It was written in the obscure and verbose language of Soviet bureaucracy and riddled with classic Cold War paranoia. […]

The document stated: “This information is recommended for the purpose of intensifying control over the activities of discotheques” and “must also be provided to all VIA [vocal instrument ensembles]“.

Liste verbotener Musik in der UdSSR