Hollywood scheint nach den Fäusten und den Feuerwaffen die erste Regel des modernen Wrestlings entdeckt zu haben: Tutto può essere un'arma. Burger Fiction ha un SuperCut ogni sorta di curioso e originale Stemma, che si sono verificati nella storia del cinema come, compilato…

An Improbable Weapon Supercut

C'è una lista di film e armi dopo il salto

Ladder – First Strike
Melons – Transporter 2
Umbrella – Kingsman
Afro Picks – Undercover Brother
Ship – Pacific Rim
Camicia – Transporter
Tea Cup – Chronicles of Riddick
Guitar Case – Desperado
Trash Can – First Strike
Ballpoint Pen – The Bourne Identity
Gopher-Chuks – Kung Pow: Enter The Fist
Credit Card – The Glimmer Man
Guitar – Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Record – Shaun of the Dead
Limo Spoiler – Crocodile Dundee
Banjo – Zombieland
Hairspray + Cigar – Live and Let Die
Guitar Case #2 – Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Bowler Hat – Goldfinger
Toothbrush – Oldboy
Calligraphy Brushes – The Magnificent Butcher
Forks – Mystery Men
Carrot – Shoot ‘Em Up
Belt – Pootie Tang
Magazine – The Bourne Supremacy
Chair – Thunderball
Bike Pedals – Transporter
Toilet Cover – Zombieland
Fire Hose – Transporter 2