Amici, habt ihr jemals vom französischen Kurzfilm „Pig Dancer“ sentito? Ein Oldie aus dem Jahr 1907, der eine obskure Geschichte mit einem kostümierten Schwein zeigt. Der Film ist nur 4 Minuten lang und irgendwie beunruhigend

Recently on Youtube, I found a Video related with this FilmIt was titledDancing Pig : Director’s cut“. I guess an englush guy found some rare footage and posted it here. I decided to get an eye on it, maybe I’ll know how they made the costumes and such for the movie. I clicked on the video and it started. Era 7:47 lungo… But strangely, during a half of second, I believed seeing the total time of the video set to 6:66… Or it was my imagination

The video started. All'inizio, it was exactly like the original movieI was about to leave while shouting at the fake title when I noticed that there’s no music at all on this version. No sound at allexcept a blank noise when I turn up the volume. Just like an old disc without any song was playing . There was no title at the start, either.

al 30 secondo, when the pig was about to be hit by the girl’s flowers, the video jumped violently and the woman dissappeared from the scene ! The pig was playing SoloAfter a moment, the screen cutted violently again and the woman was back. But instead of the table where she was, there was a dark Liquido stain on the ground. Then suddenly, the video cutted to black. The noise was still playing. I think I heard something like whisperings but I didn’t got cosa it said.

After a long minute in the black, The pig appeared. It was the last shot from the original movie, the hideous one where the pig was sticking his tongue and laughing with his creepy face. The scene was playing in loop, still with tat luce noise sound. The whispers came back, but were more distinguishables, but still sounded like gibberish. Some long and low cries started to play. They became more and more loud. A volte, the screen jumped, displaying subliminal pictures. When I tried to pause the video to see the pics, I could see very gross scenes. A guy splatted by a train. A human corpse being opened by a surgeon. I started to feel badAnd at La Fine of the video, the cries were so loud, I had to mute the sound. But it’s not the scariest part

The worst part was the last second of the movie. The pig’s picture suddenly gets in sorta 3D for some reason and I feel like his tongue were at only 10of me ! I jumped from my chair and Youtube displayed its Links, like it does when a video is finished

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