Sowas sieht man nicht alle Tage! Fotograf Tim Samuel hat in Byron Bay in Australien ganz besondere Bilder einfangen können, als er Zeuge davon wurde, wie eine Qualle einen Fisch verschluckte… Der arme Fisch :(

@franny.plumridge and I were starting to think we were the only ones to witness anything like my Fish Trapped in a Jellyfish photo. That was until this afternoon when I received a very exciting email "I too have witnessed this rare phenomenon. I captured it on video while snorkeling at Double Reef beach in Guam in 2013. Over the course of several minutes I watched the fish exit the Jellyfish, swim back inside the Jellyfish, and apparently steer the Jellyfish at will, and repeat. I researched the unusual behavior when I first encountered it, however could not find anything on the internet to explain the behavior. Perhaps others will communicate their experiences and a collaborative understanding of this behavior will immerge" – words and video from Brent Collins

Ein von Tim Samuel (@timsamuelphotography) gepostetes Video am