Was in the 70s „Pif Gadget“ a popular French youth magazine. She left the Communist Youth Magazine „The young patriot“ produced and was the first magazine, which came with a gimmick. „Pif Gadget“ reached Editions in the millions - four times as high as the rival newspaper „Le Journal de Mickey“. Your success is attributable to the journal but also the comic stories penned by renowned authors as Goscinny, Gotlib, Lie, Uderzo, Mordillo, Tabary and Hugo Pratt. There was an internal editorial rings Art and commerce, what was surprising in view of the communist sentiments of the publisher.

The German version "Yps" came from a West German children's magazine 1975 and also reached millions of copies. Some gimmicks, such as the famous LBs, in Germany have cult status today. The documentation shows, as modern and innovative „Pif Gadget“ at that time was. At the height of its success, the magazine was perfect in his time: In the early 70's the gimmick reflected the then plastic boom, while trying at the end of the decade, to raise the environmental awareness of young readers. In the 80s showed „Pif Gadget“ First signs of aging. Two years after the end of the USSR, the issue was set. The children's magazine disappeared from the market for years. „Yps“ returned to Germany but in October 2012 back as a magazine for adults at the kiosk – with prehistoric crabs as a side dish.

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Yps - a communist invention?