Yoga Hosers - Trailer and Poster

The spin-off to „Tusk“ has little to do with human Walrus mutants. In the TRAILER to „Yoga Hosers“ contact Lily-Rose Depp and Harley Quinn Smith, the daughters of Johnny Depp and director Kevin Smith, Instead, with vivid sausages in Nazi garb apart. And, read correctly! Smith exchanged the dark, overwound horror the original against black-humored romp for younger audiences. Also present Johnny Depp is in a guest role as Detective Guy Lapointe. In the next spin the horror thriller „Tusk“ with Justin Long (Drag Me To hell) take all three the fierce battle against an ancient evil on, that collected deep under the earth's crust Canada. Only the legendary Guy Lapointe (Depp) can the impending catastrophe now turn and help the two young ladies to their desired party invitation. The film directed by and starring Kevin Smith and Johnny Depp and their daughters then for Germany unfortunately no release date.