Wer auf Mad Max and Zombie Apocalypse stands, An absolute masterpiece „Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead“ view! Newcomer filmmaker Kiah Roache-Turner leaves it to his Australian Zombie-Road Trip explosive fun how the following TRAILER be seen. In „Wyrmwood: Road to the Dead“ Is it like you would expect at the Zombie Apocalypse, only this time just Down Under. The mechanic Barry (Jay Gallagher) can be a few undead but not stop from so and does share with friends on the way across the country, in order to free his sister from the hands of unscrupulous scientists. As well, so that a truck from Zombies can be driven! Sounds like trashy iconic B-movie-Cinema and thus for a perfect movie for a boys' night out. The film will open on 6. August officially on DVD and Blu-ray to us and who has not heard of the strip, stands on zombies and end time, the is the strips warmly recommended.

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