Director Carmen Losmann has the real nameless horror identified in the modern world of work. „Work hard – Play Hard“ ist ein Dokumentarfilm über dieindustriellen Werkstätten von Morgen“: Without the presence of control, Time clocks or rigid requirements of real people targeted in the high-tech sector, in the communication and the production. Mit moderner Büro-Organisation wird die „Human Resource“ used perfectly – and also has fun doing it. Losmann führt schöne und neue Arbeitswelten vor, which are in contrast to the, what we have so far used. In diesem Paralleluniversum werden raffinierte Strategien und ausgeklügelte Methoden angewandt, to optimize performance and motivation and make the most of the human resource. Zur Story:

In aseptic labor camps people bereaved by an inhuman combination of praise and psychological terror of her soul. Perfidious way it remember the victims only 10 Years before death. A cruel dystopia, which could arise only the head of a madman. Nichts für zarte Gemüter.