After Mick Taylor already with part 1 + 2 could romp on the big screen and lure unsuspecting victims into a trap, It is time the outback killer himself, the become the target of a shaft driven by hatred and revenge Person. Whether it's by Lucy Fry (Vampire Academy) can accommodate played Eve with the vulgarities of Mick Taylor, is most 12. May at Stan. To cast still belong alongside Fry Deborah Mailman, Dustin Clare, Miranda Tapsell (Redfern Now), Richard Cawthorne (Catching BC), Jake Ryan, Jessica Tovey (Wonderland) and of course again John Jarrett in his diabolical role as Mick Taylor. Wolf Creek creator Greg McLean would be: „The female perspective really is the slasher Focus on the head, because it only comes due. It is used a lot of time to the figures and their motivation, So rather one driven by the characters and their stories of action.“

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Mick's Back - Wolf Creek - A Stan Original Series