The small spherical cousin of R2-D2, BB-8, charmed obviously seasoned manner. At first it seemed disappointing for star wars-Fans, than the first TRAILER to „Episode VII - The awakening of power“ were published with pictures of droid BB-8. It looked exactly the, what had the Star Wars prequels ruined: Too much CGI! But then said director J.J. Abrams, that he at this time „Practical Effects“ wants to set and that BB-8 just not Computer Effect was, but really exists.

BB-8 Releases the Child Within

Sphero, already known for the same ball, which can be controlled with a smartphone, has the App-controlled droids produced BB-8 and actually it's just a Sphero Robotic Ball with a head magnetically attached, which can rotate independently of the ball. Sphero is not only the manufacturer of the BB-8 toy variation, they have also produced the original from the film. Since you can not buy this and it may well turn out a bit pricey, There are these little BB-8 for the home. This comes with a charging station and is on the Smartphone (iOS and Android) controlled. The BB-8 has a range of approximately 30 Meters and the battery lasts scarce 60 Minutes.

Star Wars BB-8 Sphero App-Enabled Droid Video Review

Similar to the Sphero Robotic Ball also the BB-8 can be steered. When droids but this is by the addition rotatable head a bit more complex than with the robotic ball and takes considerable time, until you get used to it. But you do not have it yourself control, you may also refer similar to a vacuum cleaner robot can even pave the way through the apartment. The BB-8 has not got a proper sensors, to the environment to detect and therefore constantly rolling into walls or furniture. His head stretches the droid cute in all directions, to simulate, he looks around and explore the world. But it soon becomes clear, the left BB-8 learn its environment do not really know, and it is rather randomly, if it finds its way. Even BB 8s responses to the voice of its owner is a trick. The droid has not even installed a microphone, with which he could perceive the voice. Inside it is, as Ubreakifix In a Video shows, apart from the additional magnet just a normal Sphero Robotic Ball. Thus, the BB-8 is not rolled, if one calls for him. The best thing about Sphero Robotic Ball are the associated augmented reality games, where you can fight about virtual opponents or the ball to virtual beaver was, with which you can play. All that is missing from the BB-8. Sphero was a ball, with which you try tricks and could jump over ramps. At high speeds, the BB-8 quickly falls but the head from, Jumps and tricks are therefore rather problematic. The only augmented reality application of BB-8 is a hologram. you can record a video selfie About the app, that BB-8 then the augmented reality view of the Smartphones, similar to Star Wars, throwing in the empty space. That's even funny, but since you can not send it to friends or share on social networks news, rather useless.

Star Wars The Force Awakens BB-8 Toy Teardown

BB-8 remains only an entertaining fun and without augmented reality games, despite his enormous hype, which are not planned at the moment, is the droid boring. What child would not want to experience it yourself adventures with his BB-8, after seeing the new films in the cinema? Here much potential would exist, Unfortunately, everything is so far just hype… – but who knows?, Perhaps even more from the little droid. Until the situation changes, is therefore rather the Sphero Robotic Ball recommended. While the Star Wars has no flair, for but much more long-term motivation.