The following Video tells us pretty good and easy to understand, how exactly meat breeds in the laboratory and also tells us, that it will probably soon be much cheaper, where it is not yet comparable to conventionally produced meat quality. but which is already, it is actually assumed. And if it is then eh cheaper than normal meat, we will have anyway sometime forgotten, tastes like fresh meat of a cow.

However, already put me there several questions: Is this actually vegan, assuming, rather therefore stirred that veganism, Animals not wanting to exploit? Could you try in this way also Panda meat? Or Human? Or even extinct animals, unless you somehow comes to the raw materials? I think it's currently also very exciting, if meat be substituted by products from insects. Whether both somehow complemented? Especially since the WHO says, one should prefer more insects Eating. Presumably one would really at the location offset, now need what methods really less water and soil. Is that the classic meat production in large companies work so much longer, is probably clear…

Traditional farming of animals, especially of cattle, requires a large amount of water and land. According to a 2011 study published in Environmental Science & technology, cultured — or lab-grown — meat can “potentially be produced with up to 96 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions,” 99 percent lower land use, and 96 percent lower water use than traditional cattle.