Musicians often maintain a slightly wild lifestyle, not infrequently leads to death. The reasons are varied and range from overdose of murder even suicide. The Australian researcher Dianna Kenny has published a detailed statistics about the most common causes of death among musicians: Accident, Suicide, Murder, Heart problems and cancer. It was found, that the frequency depending on Music-Genre varies. To die over a third of all Metal-Musicians as not to excessive drug use, but by accident or suicide, half of all rappers die by homicide and 28% go Blues-Musicians die of heart problems. Worn.

The good news for rappers? You do not need Fear to have against cancer, you will probably bumped off before. In contrast, jazz musicians hardly need to be afraid of murder. Only 1,9% all jazz musicians die from homicide. The continuous jamming in smoky cellar bars makes the artists of this genre in turn apparently susceptible to cancer: 30,6%. Interestingly insight into the life and death of musicians…

As musicians die
(via TheConversation)