few are likely among us Ger „Farmer“ Foley have known during his lifetime - and much will not change to the fact even after the contribution and yet it would be a shame, if you missed this little story. Foley seems to have been a good friend, what one looks again to his surviving friends, who stop after the funeral Foley in a Pub. One is drinking, one thinks of the deceased, Perhaps you laugh even on common stories of the past – and then suddenly rises one of his friends, Brian O'Sullivan, the Bar, holds a little speech and agrees „Mr. Brightside“ of the Killers on - just the song, Foley always stated Silvester best.

Ger Farmer Foley from Tim Clifford.
Locals in Falveys Bar, Killorglin, Kerry, Ireland paid tribute to Ger Foley on the night of his funeral in the best way possible. Rocking out to Mr Brightside. RIP Ger

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Ger Farmer Foley

The Killers even got the story winds and following it reacts: