Carolin Kebekus delivers a music video a delightful parody against law. It's never been funnier, to laugh at hollow Wutbürger. „How stupid are you“ is the song, to the actress in her show „PussyTerror TV“ presented on Saturday night at WDR. „The biggest issue this summer was unfortunately very clearly the rise of right-wing violence and incitement in Germany“, said Kebekus. Who wonders, what he could do about it, the recommended the 35 Jährige, regularly with his friends lists Facebook to „entspacken“. „Or just show them this little summer hit“, Kebekus announced the then following Video an.

Miraculously succeeds Kebekus with your video, the right protesters of summer 2015 show off. The interplay between lyrics and the selected original scenes of demonstrations is terrific. In an ironic and funny way Kebekus shows the full extent of stupidity. Thanks to the concentrated succession such absurd scenes Hetzer be a laughing stock. Delicious – a masterpiece against right-wing violence.

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How stupid are you - Carolin Kebekus | Musikparodie (Pussyterror TV)