What We Become - Trailer and Poster

Capelight Pictures brings the grippingly staged Horror-Thriller „What We Become“ at the 18. November Blu-ray and DVD or Video on Demand in the German trade. In his directorial debut sinister Bo Mikkelsen paints a doomsday scenario, that you will not forget again. Because everything is peaceful in the quiet suburb Sorgenfri. More! Because soon break chaos and madness in the form of a rapidly to rampant virus over the front gardens in, the stops at nothing. The government acts immediately and locked the houses hermetically, citizens placed under compulsory quarantine are left henceforth himself, while the aggressive disease directly on their doorstep rages relentlessly. To protect against the biting infected residents resort to extreme measures. The first apocalyptic zombie film from Denmark, in the Trailer worth seeing…

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What We Become - Official Trailer I HD I IFC Midnight