The catacombs under the streets of Paris were built centuries ago there, to create grave space for residents of the crowded city. Six million people have been buried there and precisely how they are the hosts very special for Night an Halloween be. On Airbnb two winners can win a night in the catacombs to Halloween and so sleeping next to the pile of skeletons.

On Halloween night, the winner and his companion can go underground and learn more about the hair-raising story of this mysterious underground labyrinth. In the widely ramified corridors full of skulls and bones, it creeps the most adventurous visitors – and so you can look forward to a unique dining experience, accompanied by a private Concert, that sounds just amazing underground. After the Eating with musical accompaniment follows a storyteller. This is fascinating and so you can be on one or the other Nightmare to brace. But nightmares or not: In the morning you can enjoy the experience, wake up in the Paris Catacombs.

Who would like to now win this unforgettable experience, should the Hosts before midnight 20. Betrayed October, why one is brave enough, To stay in the catacombs. At the contest couples and friends can participate, A maximum of two persons.

Competition: winning night in the catacombs for Halloween