Here is the first right Trailer to HBO „Westworld“-Series with Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden und Thandie Newton. Looks, as the Neudrehs have paid off, it looks pretty great. The original film by Michael Crichton starring Yul Brunner as Gunslinger is one of my all-time Favorites. The iconic role of Gunslinger is here to take Ed Harris. After „Preacher“ and „Ash vs Evil Dead“ again an adaptation of my Favs, they unravel apparently.

In „Westworld“ is about an amusement park, care in the androids for, that visitors can live out their childhood dreams. Anyone who has always times Cowboy wanted to play, has since almost the perfect opportunity to do so - of course, always under the premise, to let everything seem as realistic as possible. But we all, wissen, that androids never work so, as they should in the long term and it is also here to technical difficulties, Although the worry with us for a voltage, make the protagonists in the series but orderly life difficult. To put it to describe friendly. It starts well in October…

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Westworld: Teaser Trailer (HBO)