The conflict in the Middle East is intentional, only has the West (US&A and Europe) significantly underestimated the fanaticism. Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan are all countries, directly with Weapons were supplied, to fight against the enemies like the former Soviet Union and Iran. And when we consider, that these weapons its effect based on refugees, Suffering and misery, almost 40 Years even after this action always show, so I wonder what we can achieve in a few decades for a result by the arms shipment to the peshmerga? If we learn one thing here, is, that the friend can become the enemy quickly and that we do not have groups of people, like the Kurds, can talk in general. There are factions and here again factions and it requires only a small group, whole nations by Terror and to expel or murder slaughter. Victims become perpetrators, as it shows the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Is there a solution? Would it be utopian to say, that we should not export more weapons?

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Who sows the wind, reap the whirlwind - Die westliche Nahost Politik und ihre Auswirkungen