Cover of des neuen „Iron Maiden“ Albums „The Book Of Souls“ will probably clear up any beauty contests, yet so adorns the ugly likeness of „Eddie“, the famous Zombie-like mascot of the band, die Front. Deep red eyes in black eye sockets, threatening bared teeth, the neck clotted blood are obviously for parents in Berlin-Kreuzberg too much. Taking care of your children Do you have a promotional poster, the „Eddie“ shows, pasted over. Apparently, the worried parents felt disturbed by the sight of such Eddies, to unceremoniously taped the album promotion with a huge list. Not enough yet: To those in charge, they also taught a clear appeal:

In the immediate vicinity are several kindergartens and a primary school“, it is stated in the message. And further (to give to the whole apparently larger expression, written entirely in capital letters): „This poster here has nothing to SEARCH!

Wer schützt unsere Jugend vor dem satanistischen Iron-Maiden-Zombie "Eddie"

Long-term success was the action of the self-proclaimed „Sittenwächter“ However, not. A few hours later, the colossal list have already been demolished – and so we again see Eddie in all its ugliness. We thought, the times of such warnings are final for a long time past, obviously is not the way…

(via Henning Onken)