Wenn Opa einen Vergnügungspark in seinem Hinterhof hat

Steve Dobbs, a retired engineer, kaufte für seine Enkel einen kleinen elektrischen Zug. But the simple web was boring and so he built a tunnel to, to that interest to reawaken. Das klappte für eine Weile, but finally it found the children boring again. So baute Dobbs einen ganzen Miniatur-Vergnügungspark in seinem eigenen Hinterhof um die Kids und sich selbst wieder zu amüsieren. So there is in Dobbsland among others a small coaster, a toy submarine, animatronic puppets and favorite characters of kids, including Cinderella and Winnie the Pooh. The roller coaster was designed by local engineering students. the Orange County Register to:

They used engineering principles to design the track’s trajectory, which had to fit the lawn’s 30-by-13-foot imprint.

“My main requirement was that I wanted it to be safe for little kids to ride, but also fun for teens and adults to ride,” Dobbs said.

Built at Cal Poly Pomona in three months, the coaster was dismantled by the student crew and moved to Dobbs’ home. (When disassembled, every Dobbsland attraction can fit in the home’s garage.)

Dynamic Testing Solutions’ chief financial officer rode and certified the coaster, which can support riders up to 185 pounds, goes forward and backward, tops out at 12 mph and is equipped with mechanisms measuring weight and g-force.