The sound of Roman Camenzinds Wrought „Hitmill“ is well-made, be milled Pop, of any hurts. „it Truckli fully Liebi“ or „mir fired Wiehnacht mittenand“ but runs follows intrusive on every corner, that there is still applicable and is someone runs amok, because it is simply the (bad) Constant output can not escape. Think of the folk music Rap Bligg, the Chanson rap of stress or the Bio-Rap Sons Of Nature, has with which Coop advertised its Naturaplan label three years ago. Or this summer this unspeakable „Moment“ and you know again, why the mass media in giving only limited and why one does not hear a radio (exceptions prove the rule).

Exactly. It all sounds the same. The last mentioned one could escape, the two Christmas hymns run anywhere. the Music has its importance Lost, by the constant stream. For the young people the music therefore also no longer have the same meaning as for my generation, when she was symbol was for the rebellion against the establishment and the ossified structures. The trend is towards brainwashing and „Brave new world“. Hallelujah!

Santa Lets Al-Qaeda Sit On His Lap!