We are Motörhead and we play Rock’n’Roll!Motörhead celebrating this year 40-year old band jubilee – unfortunately Rock'n'Roll legend Lemmy died on Monatg. For decades, the British cult rockers were pretty cool. Perhaps slightly rusted, but still always arschcool. I Motörhead x times experienced live and this certainly 10% my hearing permanently Lost. One can not talk about Lemmy, without his Music to listen. For this reason we have put together a Motörhead / Hawkwind Special program for you. Everything louder than everyone else.

„We can offer our shock and our sadness hardly express, there are no words“, the band wrote on facebook. They announced, wanting to express itself more fully in the coming days. „But for the moment: Play Motörhead loud, plays loud Hawkwind, plays music loud Lemmy. Have a drink or more.“

„I do it to death, because I can not do anything else!“ so Lemmy, and he did the AS! I salute thee! Rock Metal have quasi the godfather lost! A bad day! Thanks for the last 40 Years, by me your music has accompanied and in the coming decades by which they will accompany me yet. In our ironed world the unique will, the authentic people increasingly rare. Today we have lost a great individualist and a cracking musicians. And an even greater man. an honest, straightforward man is no longer… Thanks for the wonderful hours, the hearing falls, the tinnitus and the many hot shows! Farewell, Lemmy, it will be much too quiet without you! Wherever you are now: let's Party hard! Rock in Peace! Always in our mind, always in our ears!

We are Motörhead and we play Rock’n’Roll

Let Silvester Lemmy honor. For each box should Motörhead roar to stop and the whole evening there brandy instead hooker diesel. If we point 0 then set fire to watch a match, breathe on it with our breath, there the most beautiful fireworks which Lemmy ever could have imagined!